The District Administration – Responsibilities, Administrative Organisation

The District Administration has a dual role: it is an authority of the administrative district (Kreisbehörde) and a lower-level administrative authority for the state (Staatsbehörde). The District Administrator has sole competence in respect of the lower-level state authority. For the duties of the administrative district authority, the responsibility lies with the District Council.

The District Administration as an administrative district authority
  • Social affairs; youth welfare
  • School education (for the schools maintained by the district: vocational schools, special education and counselling centres)
  • Waste management
  • Public transport
  • Business development
  • District financing
  • Hospitals (the administrative district’s three hospitals are part of ADK GmbH für Gesundheit und Soziales)
The District Administration as a lower-level administrative authority for the state
  • Authority for granting building permits
  • Road traffic authority (e.g. motor vehicle registration, driving licences)
  • District police authority (e.g. responsible for restaurants and industrial law; not to be confused with the police units given executive powers)
  • Environmental protection (e.g. nature conservation, emission control, water law)
  • Legal supervision of municipalities
  • Healthcare services
  • Veterinary matters and consumer protection
  • Expert divisions for agriculture and forestry
  • Land surveying and consolidation
  • Road building management