District Council, District Administrator

The district council (Kreistag) and the district administrator (Landrat) are the district’s administrative bodies. As the main organisation and the representative body for the district’s inhabitants, the district council is elected every five years by all people who live in the administrative district and who are eligible to vote. It defines the fundamental principles for the management of the administrative district and adopts decisions regarding all matters in the administrative district, unless this is the responsibility of the district administrator by operation of law or as assigned by the district council.

The district council is responsible for the administrative district’s annual budget plan and budget statutes, matters relating to waste management and vocational training schools, road building and maintenance in the district, public transport as well as social initiatives and other voluntary benefits.

The number of council members depends on the number of inhabitants in the administrative district. The Alb-Donau-Kreis district council currently comprises 62 council members. The district council sessions are generally open to the public. Public access is restricted only under special conditions.

Three decision-making committees have been formed by members of the district council:

  • Administrative Committee
  • Committee for Environmental Matters and Technology
  • Committee for Education, Health, Culture and Social Affairs

In addition, there is also the Committee for Youth Welfare, which is prescribed by law.